Essex Intelligent Environments Group

Some Videos of the Intelligent Environments Group’s work dating from the late nineties to-date.

  1. Essex University Brooker Laboratory – The Early Days (of robots at Essex)
  2. Essex University Robots – Early Days (Electric Outdoors Robot)
  3. Essex University Robots – Early Days (Outdoor Robotic Tractor)
  4. Essex University iDorm – from BBC2’s Matter of Fact TV programme (plus the BBC site programme description)
  5. Essex University iDorm – from BBC1 Tomorrow’s World TV Programme)
  6. Essex University – iDorm the Movie – The Early Days
  7. Essex University – iDorm – Early Days (Demo of Home Movie Application)
  8. Essex University iDorm – Voice Recognition
  9. Essex University iSpace Embedded-Agents
  10. Essex University iSpace – Embedded Agents in Detail
  11. Essex University iSpace – An Embedded-Agent Explained (around 2003)
  12. Essex University Intelligent Environments Group – The Early Days (Intelligent Spaces)
  13. Essex University – The iSpace
  14. Essex University iSpace – Personal Operating Spaces
  15. Essex University – Internet-of-Things (internet based plant care) from 2002
  16. Essex University – TESA Internet-of-Things project from 2002 (no sound track)
  17. Essex University – Pervasive-interactive-Programming 1 (around 2004)
  18. Essex University – Pervasive-interactive-Programming 2 (around 2004)
  19. Essex University / Shanghai Jiiao Tong University – Affective Learning Research
  20. Essex University – Managing Intelligent Environments
  21. Essex University – Modifying Computer Games for Science Research
  22. Essex University = Mixed Reality 1 (july 2010)
  23. Essex University – Mixed Reality 2 (July 2011)
  24. Essex University – Electronics Arts SIMS based iDorm Simulations
  25. Essex University – iTown (part of iWorld) Simulation built with RealXtend
  26. Essex University – Spoken Dialogue interface in the iSpace
  27. Essex University – Adjustable Autonomy Intelligent Agents (around 2011)
  28. Essex University – ATRACO (Adaptive and Trusted Ambient Ecologies) project (2011)
  29. Essex University – Blended-Reality Demonstration (Nov 2013)
  30. Essex University – Mixed-Reality Maker Desk (Vimeo – Jan 2015) or a YouTube version  (not accessible from China).

Creative Science

Some videos about the Intel Creative Science Foundation

  1. Science Fiction Prototyping (An Introduction via Interviews (Vimeo) filmed at CS’11 or a YouTube version (not accessible in China)
  2. Introduction to Science Fiction Prototyping (An Online Lecture From Brian David Johnson) (Vimeo) or a YouTube version (not accessible from China).
  3. Nebulous Mechanisms; the original reading. (this video filmed at IE’09 in the Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain (20-21 July, 2009) is only included here for historic reasons and anyone interested in the SFP is recommended to use the following link to download the Nebulous Mechanisms SFP.
  4. Spacestation (online interactive platform for Creative Science)
  5. Videos that have no links to me but you might find interesting are ‘Ambition’, a 6.39 minute movie created for ESA as a fiction to stimulate interest in their  their Rosetta mission, or Fusion’s 2.28 minute video ‘Supercut: Nearly a Century of Robots in Movies‘ showing clips of humanoid robots from The Mechanical Man in 1921 to Interstellar in 2014.

Embedded Computing

  1. Modular embedded computing development system
  2. Modular embedded computing robot system


  1. Intelligent Environments 2014 (held in Shanghai, China 30th June 2014 – 4th July 2014). See also photographs by attendees of IE14 conference.
  2. Intelligent Environments Overture, composed by Juan Carlos Zamudio to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Intelligent Environments conference series
  3. Intelligent Environments 2012 (held in Guanajuato in México on the 27-28 June, 2012). See also Mexican Dancing (1) and Mexican Dancing (2) both filmed at this conference.
  4. Creative Science 2011 (held in Nottingham, England on 25th-26th July 2011)
  5. For those interested in the Intelligent Environments conference, this is a PowerPoint history of the IE conference from 2005-2014, written by Gordon Hunter.


  1. Essex University Choir 2010 –  A Short Documentary (or see Essex University Choir web pages)
  2. University of Essex 2014 – A Short Documentary Celebrating the University’s 50th Anniversary


  1. The Gipsy Band ‘live in Gstaad‘ and a ‘live short medley‘ both filmed in the Sports Hotel Victoria in Gstaad, Switzerland on the 2nd August 2013.
  2. Mexican Dancing (1) and Mexican Dancing (2) both filmed at The 8th International Conference on Intelligent Environments in Guanajuato, México, 27th June, 2012.
  3. A stunning Flamenco Dancing performance featuring the mufti-talented Professor Minjuan Wang (San Diego State University) as the lead dancer.
  4. Pogues live in the O2 Christmas 2012 featuring Dirty Old Town and Fairy Tale of New York.
  5. Pogues live in the Brixton Academy Christmas 2010 featuring Fairy Tale of New York.
  6. Canoes4Rent live in Honolulu on 22nd October 2011.
  7. Indonesian Traditional Dancing on 2nd August 2010.